You never know your happiness can boost your memory

Ever thought that cracking jokes will enhance your memory? The answer is, yes! Happiness increases verbal and spatial working memory capacity where sadness does not.

It also increases the breadth of sensory memory which is why it is said that one should always look on the broad side of life. Our mood which usually swings plays a vital role here. Positive mood enhances executive control, whereas negative mood has little influence. When we are happy and content, we tend to hold more information which shows and explains the executive control. There are several studies which indicate that enhanced happiness leads to improved health.  The most thorough study was done by the Department of Labor in Australia and analyzed and published in the American Journal of Health Promotion.

Associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School in Boston believes that exercise is like medicine and helps depression as well. This is supported by other studies. Depression scores were measured in a German survey where for 10 days people were asked to walk quickly on a treadmill for 30 minutes. Researchers concluded at the end of the survey that exercise significantly reduces depression. When we are happy, our blood flows at a faster speed and increased blood flow to the brain also improves memory  function. From studies with mice at the Columbia University Medical Centre (NY), new brain cells grew in the dentate gyros area, an area which is affected in old age. With new cell growth due to exercise, memory would improve.

We can make sure that we are keeping ourselves happy all the time. Following are the points that will make people happy any time:

  1. Shopping- This word is virtually a synonym of happiness. It not only makes women happy but also gives a sense of satisfaction. Buying something in cheaper rate after bargaining make them feel proud and content. This is directly proportional to the rate of increase of memory.
  2. Cooking – For some people, cooking is not a task but a stress buster. All they want is to try new dishes. The more they cook, the happier they are. Such people are likely to have an increased hippocampus which is an area of the brain responsible for mood.
  3. Music- Music has its own charm. Some prefer loud music and some, slow. We as humans relate the lyrics most of the times and feel happy about the fact that the particular song is made for them only. This releases a hormone in our body which boosts our memory.

Let’s take a pledge to remove stress and depression out of our lives and promise ourselves to be happy every day. Each day is a challenge and we need to rock the day by keeping ourselves cheerful. Crack jokes, listen music and get going. That’s how you not only will succeed in life but will become intellectual too.