Vegetarianism is not as helpful as many believe For Brain

Researchers at Oxford University found that vegetarianism is dangerous to health by reducing the size of the brain. The reason is vitamin B12, which is found in animal products. Its deficiency may cause anemia and causes disruption of the central nervous system, which ultimately results in Brain shrinking.

Do Not Focus Only on the Vegetables

The human body must receive all the necessary elements, because of their lack of provoking various diseases, doctors emphasize.

It is not first time that Scientists claimed about refusal of meat may cause health problems. Previously, information about the consequences of giving up meat provided by British scientists. They argue that the exclusion from the diet of meat products may be the cause of at least five diseases.

The main reason for the danger of plant food - in the absence of the body of necessary proteins, which are found only in meat products. At a minimum, the rejection of meat can lead to sudden loss of body weight, but not only. Prolonged deprivation of the body meat products can disrupt the intestinal microflora. A diet without meat can result in stomach ulcers, and in some cases - failure of metabolism.

The experiment involved volunteers aged 16 to 18 years, adhering to vegetarianism. During the year they continued to lead a vegetarian lifestyle. After this period, the test conducted an MRI, which showed a decrease in the brain of everyone who participated in the experiment. This is due to the fact that the composition includes ingredients red meat, increasing the possibility of cancer development, and increase blood pressure. Another is due to the fact that vegetarians are less likely to suffer from nicotine or alcohol addiction and lead a healthier lifestyle, including sports.


However, no consensus about the dangers and benefits of giving up meat is not among scientists. For example, some researchers insist on the health benefits of vegetarianism. They argue - better health in vegetarians is because their blood pressure is more stable and much better ratio between good and bad cholesterol. Eating fruits, vegetables, cereals, as well as giving up meat, protects people from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and metabolic syndrome.