Some Tips About Develop Concentration and Focusing

How often, like, put the keys on the nightstand, we can not find them. Or somewhere suddenly disappears from sight cap from the stick. And how many people can correctly answer this very simple question: how many steps from the entrance to the elevator in your home? Girls often criticized guys in the carelessness and parents scold their children for what they miss words when reading aloud. The reason for all of this - the lack of development attention. The question is how to develop concentration worries many scientists minds.

Train Your Brain

In fact it is not so difficult, but if you come to mind something very interesting. Do gymnastics for the brain better early in the morning - woke up, they came to their senses and go!

  • Count as quickly as 100 to 1. If it is very simple, you call in descending order of the number only divisible by 3.
  • Choose for yourself a letter and call all the words you close on any foreign language, starting with her (can be complicated, for example, only verbs or nouns). If you read Marinina, her heroine Anastasia Kamenskaya coached concentration, remembering how to pronounce the same word to her all known languages. But rather, it is for the polyglots.
  • As fast as possible to myself name 20 names (male, then female)
  • There is a game: the selected letter should be called a male name, female name, city, river (sea, ocean), animals and birds. May be completed with the name of the breed of cats or dogs, and generally anything. (By the way, and you can play with the child in his spare time for the overall development.

Not to forget a gym, you can hang out for yourself-sheets reminders throughout the apartment.

Learn to relax

The more relaxed your body and mind, the easier it is to keep your attention on any one thing. Stress, fatigue, strong emotions interfere with concentration.

Therefore, learn to relax, get rid of stress. If you feel that you can not safely carry out their work and are constantly distracted, move back and take a few deep breaths belly of equal duration. During that focuses on the process of breathing, counting to myself duration of inhalation and exhalation. This will lead your nerves in order and will set your mind to concentrate.

Not in a hurry. Better get some rest and recover, and came to work later, you start it early and constantly distracted. If you spend a little time out to relax in the end you will make the job faster and more productive. 10 minutes of rest, that you insist on the concentration, would be much more productive time than 10 minutes messy work.

Train attention during the working day

Here your attention will be presented to the program and the conditions of attention, doing the exercises which, in the intervals between work, you can not only relax but also to tune into a further fruitful work. All classes develop attention adapted to a traditional office. And absolutely no need for additional funds for the development of attention.

  1. Stand near the door, and turn to face the office. Look around the room for ten seconds. Then he went out to the buffet for tea, list about all the things that you remember. Try to do this exercise every day and notice the changes that are happening around your workplace.
  2. Type any 20 digits, and then try to find them in a sequence of three or more numbers that add up to 16. (For example: 42796528642584318829)
  3. Pick up a two-colored handle, one in each hand. Try both hands simultaneously to draw a circle and a triangle. Try that at least the corners of the triangle were sharp as possible, and the circle was really like a circle. Repeat the exercise 10 times. This not only develop motor skills of hands, but also help to concentrate.
  4. Try and colleagues found in seemingly simple phrases hidden names. For example: "Waiter, bring coffee uncle." (Fyodor) or "Barely found pectoral cross." (Elena)
  5. Before dinner, and remember all those things that you saw in the first half of the day. Try to remember what a tie today come your boss to work or literally repeat his opening remarks at the morning meeting.

A reliable assistant in a concentration

The main enemy of mindfulness and concentration - boredom. If you have to do something dull and uninteresting, read at your leisure, something fascinating about this occupation. Everything is new, it will bind to the already known, and it is easier to learn. I'm sure many have noticed that in lectures one teacher is much better than listening to the information than the other. This is due to the fact that the speaker is able to interest the audience in time to tell a joke or a story of history.

To develop their interest in the new boring case, you can divide it into parts. For example, you need to learn some text, divide it into parts. Then read the parts in a different order. After a while, you will want to read the whole text. And because the information is already available in your head, it will be much easier to learn the rest.

External factors

If possible, create the optimum conditions for themselves to work. Which ones? The air temperature 19-22 degrees, about 50-60% moisture. Good lighting also contributes to efficient work and good concentration. The most favorable to the eye diffused daylight. Disorder on the table diverts attention, eyes constantly clings to foreign objects, documents. Kruzhatsya thought that this is not done, it is not finish ... Place your order, remove all unnecessary, and the head immediately tune into a working harmony. And please note that the concentration contribute even factors such as color and odor. Pale green is optimal and does not cause drowsiness, and the smell of lemon and eucalyptus help to concentrate. The concentration of attention can and should be trained. This will help you to work or school. New information will be more easily understood by you, the new knowledge is better "stacked" in the head, doing mental work, you will be less tired. It will make your life more harmonious. Good luck to you!