Some foods can reduce the human brain

Scientists from the School of Medicine of the Sydney (Australia) said that the harmful food can adversely affect the size of the human brain, reducing it. Intelligence and memory of people may deteriorate with regular use of sugary drinks, salty snacks and processed meat.

Thus, experts have once again confirmed that people need to control your daily diet to maintain a healthy brain.

Scientists as a complement to the survey say that everyone should include in their menu are many natural and fresh products as synthetic food is bad for the human brain.

In the experiment, the researchers looked at the volume of the hippocampus in volunteers whose age was 60-64 years.

The study showed that in the permanent presence of harmful products in the diet of the volume of the brain experiences the participants were more modest.

In particular, those volunteers who regularly ate these products had smaller left hippocampus compared with people who ate more healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables and fish.

It is worth noting that this relationship is important not only for the elderly, but also young people and children: "Since the hippocampus plays an important role in learning and memory throughout life, as well as directly related to mental health, the experiment emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition. "

Last summer Californian doctors presented a report on the research on the link between culture and the state of the power of the human brain.

As a result of American specialists experiments it was shown that an extremely negative impact on the operation of the human brain has the use of foods containing trans fats are harmful, that is artificially synthesized oil.

Frequent consumption of sugary drinks, salty snacks and processed meat may entail deterioration of memory and intelligence in general, so, according to experts, people should control the amount received junk food or refuse it altogether.