American scientists are paying great attention to the study of the relationship between sleep and memory. As a result of numerical studies, they concluded that restful sleep can improve a person's memory.

Scientist Ron Davies believes that the way we forget the information affects the formation of a stable memory. So, while you sleep the locking mechanism erase data from memory. Thus, due to sleep persist and accumulate memories.

It is worth noting that for the past several years, experts from the various countries are experimenting, the result of which repeatedly show that sleep only a positive effect on the human body as a whole.

As a result of research experts at Scripps, there was the theory that during sleep a person different nerve endings are blocked, including the mechanism for erasing the memory. That is why during sleep existing memories accumulated and stored, which naturally leads to an improvement of human memory.

Experts were able to prove that during a full sleep decreases the active substance - dopamine. It is this substance is directly related to the learning process, and it leads to a greater reduction in the accumulation and preservation of information.

Prolonged sleep suppresses the active substance dopamine, which is directly related to the learning process, receiving impulses to the brain. Thus sleep reduces dopamine activity, and this in turn results in the accumulation of information stored memories. Therefore, scientists recommend not to neglect full sleep, and if you're really tired, you should definitely get some sleep.

The scientist Jacob Berry says: "We were able to determine that sleep protects the memory and at the same time inhibits the activity of a neurotransmitter that affects forgetting." Jacob Berry believes that the new discovery will further help in a deeper study of the interaction between sleep and memory in humans.