Short Term Memory Loss Causes

Short term memory is used when recalling detail that has been learned between a few minutes or a second. This certain kind of memory is also called as working memory. Although some people trust that improving the memory is not possible, experts have developed several ideas used in order to improve short term memory.

Learning-disabled students experience short term memory issues very frequently. In their cases, mnemonics prove to be extremely effective. Mnemonics refer to something sued for supporting the memory. These can be either procedures or devices. The idea is used when teaching fresh things as people learn by recalling something they already know. Sure, mnemonics are not used just on learning disabled children. They can be used by everybody who has short term memory issues.

In order to better short term memory, it is vital to know that memory uses mnemonics to set off a certain response. The mnemonics include emotions, language, touch, smells, tastes, colors, sounds and images. Most of them related to the sense. According to sound and color to certain information supports people to recall quicker.

As soon as the mnemonics have been established, people must follow some easy steps to better short term memory. When people plan to memorize things they learn, the motivation leads to improvement of the memory. Using known detail when memorizing new ones is also a way to better short-term memory.

After keeping something in mind, it is perfect to tell the detail to something else, this time using own words. Organizing detail is an idea to improve short term memory, too. Writing down notes supports people considerably. Image support people to memorize detail quicker. In conclusion, adding diagrams and charts to a text raises the memorizing speed. Using more senses when learning is, as well, an idea used in order to better short term memory. Reading out loud results in increased motivation and attention.

People can also better short term memory by playing certain games. Generally, a person can memorize only seven things at once. Organizing detail, even while playing games, causes to a better memory.

Not at last, people who want to better short term, as well as long-term memory are attracted to follow a diet based on foliate and B vitamins. Furthermore, certain supplements are perfectly used by people who experience short term memory issues. It is vital to know that these supplements support in the prevention as well as in the cure of such issues.