Scientists warn that memory loss by Snoring

Scientists were able to prove that snoring is extremely harmful for snoring. In old age, snoring people can suffer impaired memory.

In the research participated 25 000 volunteers from 55 to 90 years old, suffering from snoring or sleep apnea. During the study, researchers found that snoring during sleep, people begin to experience problems with memory loss and some brain functions earlier than those who do not snore.

Those who have a habit of snoring during sleep should be especially attentive to their health. The thing is that studies show that it is in this category of persons recorded impairment of memory and thinking skills. In addition, doctors believe that the brain may receive less people snoring in the brain of oxygen, which means sooner or later may lead to serious consequences.

Scientists who participated in the project "Big Alzheimer" found that while snoring, the muscles around the throat of man is so relaxed that it even leads to blockage of the airways. And because of this, patients and begin to snore loudly, wake up all around and also from his own snoring and waking up.

All scientific staff explain that during breathing fix human brain is temporarily supplied oxygen is detrimental effect on brain cells. Therefore, snoring people before symptoms of such diseases.

"A good supply of oxygen to the brain is vital to keep it healthy," - said Simon Ridley, Dr. Research Centre for Alzheimer's disease in the UK.

Conducted on volunteers, experience has shown that the problem still exists, even scientists under a scientific experiment used a breathing technique that is used in the Air Force. But the final result of the breath test and was not received - scientists have not yet figured out until the end, whether it is possible with the help of such exercises to maintain and restore the memory of the man thought process.