Scientists got to improve a memory using electrodes implanted

The Americans have developed an implant that, when implanted in the brain allows a person to quickly learn new skills.

The publication Business Insider published the results of two years of research scientists from the Agency for Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA). Take part in the experiment caused the 20 volunteers who have been diagnosed with various neurological disorders. During the year, the subjects implanted in charge of the memory areas of the brain bundles of electrodes that send impulses to different areas of the brain.

During the investigation it became known that fed into areas of the brain electrical discharges improve memory and increase it. Surgeons inserted a small electrodes in the brain that are responsible for the formation of declarative memories - in other words those by which we remember the event, time, place, or lists of objects - and in addition to areas involved in spatial memory and orientation.

The results of the subsequent experiments, the researchers were able not only to record and understand the signals associated with the processes of memory, however, and cause them to test the brain.

In their opinion of professionals, a kind of programming will allow a person to develop a variety of skills.

The researchers stressed that their development is similar to the method of the movie "The Matrix" where the main character was taught how to programming it, with the result that it is easily learned martial arts, and control of the helicopter. "I think that created the technology will surely help in the treatment of patients who received head injuries, and even veterans suffering from stress syndrome of the war.

Scientists believe that in the future their discovery will help to artificially improve the memory of people and give a chance to restore the memory of those who lost it.