Practicing resistance exercise can give several health benefits. The very major health benefits are that it reduces the odds of developing the diabetes, stroke and heart disease which are very common in these days. Possibly you need to shed pounds, bring down your blood pressure, want to avoid the stress or simply you want to look better and fresh. Moreover, here is another benefits is that many of us experience that brain fog specifically in young age. So the studies say that resistance exercise is very helpful to protect the memory and ability if thinking.

Another study at the University of British Columbia states, the scientists found that the resistance exercise, the kind that gets your heart and your sweat organs pumping, helps to boost the size of the hippocampus, the brain territory included in learning and verbal memory. Moreover, resistance training, adjust and muscle toning activities did not have the same results. The results were distributed this week in The British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Lisa Weinberg, the Georgia Tech graduate who is understudy and led the project says “Our study demonstrates that individuals don't need to devote a lot of time to give a boost to their brain."

On the other hand. There are numerous existing studies have showed that months of aerobic exercise like running can enhance the memory and learning ability. The recent study had members lift weights two days before testing them. The scientist, the Georgia Tech had had participants study occasions before the exercise rather than after workout. They did this as a result of extensive animal research recommending that the period in the wake of learning is the point at which the arousal or anxiety brought on by exercise is better way to enhance the memory.

A wide number of studies have proposed that the parts of the brain that control memory and thinking which are the prefrontal cortex and the medial temporal cortex have more noteworthy volume in individuals who exercise versus individuals who don't.

So what should you do to enhance you memory? Start exercising! As we know most of the research has suggested walking and running are beneficial for memory enhancement. Studies recommend that’s 120 minutes shall be given minutes for a moderate intensity exercise in a week.

Whatever exercise you choose, try to make it habit. As the researchers say that exercise is medicine, so it can help you to come out all of physical and brain problem and soon you will see a great improvement in your memory.



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