Regular Exercise Increases Brain Size

Scientists have found new evidence of the benefit of exercise for the brain.Scientists University of Jyvaskyla in Finland found that intense physical activity contributes to the increase of the volume of gray matter in the brain, growing in the areas responsible for the coordination and balance.

That is the conclusion the researchers came after a scientific experiment, which was attended by ten pairs of identical male twins. Brains were examined using volunteers MRI apparatus, which data have established an interesting fact of physical activity on the human brain. It turned out that active athletes increasingly expressed activity of individual areas of the brain responsible for coordination and balance. Moreover, these brain areas were larger than that of non-sporting and sedentary men.

In the study, they were invited to participate ten pairs of identical twins, namely men aged 32-36 years. This factor allows professionals to more accurately determine the impact on the brain produce exclusively external indicators. In each pair, one of the brothers has always been more active than another.

For a long time it was believed that sport can only do harm to health in old age, as muscle mass and so decreases. However, recently the American biophysicist Professor Andrew Marx published in NewScientist report, flip the picture. According to studies, the aging process has its origins precisely in the muscles, that is, loss of muscle mass - this is one of the main causes of aging, and not vice versa.

At the age of 30 years after a person is a decrease in muscle mass, and in each subsequent 10 years, this process becomes more intense. After 60 years there is a new breakthrough, aggravating the loss of muscle mass and strength in skeletal muscle. At this point, people should just continue to train - and pay attention to aerobic exercise, and power.