Plastic Surgery Lead to aging of the Brain

A group of American scientists conducted a study on the impact of plastic surgery at the rate of aging of the brain and mental health patients. Experts conducted an experiment during which proved that plastic surgery on his face made extremely negative impact on the psyche and accelerate the aging process of the brain.

As it turned out, the brain is not able to quickly adapt to changing facial expressions after surgery. According to experts, large numbers of people, underwent surgery on her face, after a time fixed by the acceleration of the aging process of the brain.

Ladies quite differently begin to react and perceive any events compared to their reactions to the same events before surgery.

In other words, after the plastic face becomes stone and the woman is not able to convey surprise, fear or any other emotion.

In addition to difficulties with facial expressions, have plastic surgery patients have problems with mental health. The fact is that during operations on the face can be affected by nerve endings. Over time, this fact leads to a nervous breakdown at the people who have made the plastic face.

But the most negative consequence of the plastic surgeries that scientists have found, is to increase the rate of aging of the brain.

They found that all of the studied people who at least once in his life had plastic surgery on her face, the brain was aging faster than humans, never does not resort to plastic. This process physicians as well as psychological problems, associated with changes in facial muscles work.