Orange juice improves Memory and Brain

Age-related decrease of functionality of the brain manifested primarily memory impairment. Scientists advise older people, found himself forgetting the development, do not despair, but try to improve memory with orange juice.

According to the researchers, the whole point of flavonoids, natural substances contained in oranges. Apparently, these compounds improve memory by activation of signaling pathways in gippokape, areas of the brain associated with learning and information storage. Scientists do not know exactly how it works, but believe that flavonoids can improve blood circulation, protect neurons from oxidative damage and increase the efficiency with which neurons transmit signals.

The study involved 37 older than 67 years the British. For eight weeks they drank daily 500 ml of orange juice, and then for a further eight weeks, the orange juice was excluded from their diet.

Prior to the beginning and end of the experiment, psychologists assessed the cognitive abilities of participants using special tests - memory, reaction, verbal fluency.

As it turned out, for the eight weeks when participants drank orange juice every day, they have an average of 8% improved cognitive abilities.

As the authors say, the figure is, for example, the ability to remember one word more of a shopping list consisting of 15 points.

"Our study shows that the orange juice provides delivery of necessary materials for the brain, and it is part of a balanced, healthy diet. It is important to add that the natural juice is useful because it contains less sugar, "- says one of the authors of the study, Dr. Lamport Daniel.

According to scientists, this change could significantly improve quality of life. The researchers suggest: chemicals from orange juice to improve blood circulation, protect neurons from oxidative stress and help nerve cells to transmit signals. Therefore, experts recommend the elderly regularly drink orange juice.

Currently, scientists are trying to understand how the flavonoids improve brain function, and find out what mechanism is at the heart of this process. One hypothesis is that flavonoids improve cerebral blood flow, protect the neurons against oxidative stress and improve their interaction.