If you want your mid to be quicker, the proof advises you should visit the gym. But how can exercising your body muscles improve your brain power?

We tent to guess that brains do not go with brawn – but that theory is turning out to be seriously flawed. As the new video from the Head Squeeze team presents, exercising the body is one of the amazing way to improve your intelligence and protect it through old age.

One Germany study that older people who love gentle exercise – such as gardening and walking - are half as likely to undergo from cognitive hurt as they age. Another test found that pensioners asked to take relaxed walk a few times a week scored better on memory and attention tests. But it is not only for older people: kids who walk to school to focus better and get perfect test results those given lifts in the vehicle.

One possible reason is that the exercise improves the blood supply to the brain – which supports give it the power to think. It might also raise the growth of neurons and perhaps help the release of certain neurotransmitters and improvement hormones that are vital to the brain full health. All of which could contribute to perfect memory and concentration.

In the future, some professionals are looking into especially designed exergames that help physical movement with cognitive exercise to give your brain the top possible exercises; early results advise that the figure is larger than the individual parts. In the meantime, the job should at least give you one more factor.

“It actually challenges the old opinions,” Jaeggi says. She believes the training regimen succeeded whether other failed mostly because it remained difficult. Also, because it was tailor-made to the individual, people were never capable to go on autopilot.

Not everyone is liked. Robert Plomin, at the Psychiatry institute of London, says that no serious intelligence experts consider Gf immutable, as the paper advises.

“There is no contradiction all between improvement of performance and substantial heritability,” he says.

Plomin says what is more amazing is how much an individual can revenue from training. He complaints, anyway, that the experts did not truly address this is the research, and that the study, with 9 subjects in each of 4 training conditions, is much too little to detect it.



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