Memory Retention to Improve Memory

Memory retention is a remarkable subject which many people would love to grasp and make a difference in their lives. There are 2 kinds of memory. The long term memory where experience and facts are stored in your brain for a long time and little term memory where detail is saved in your mind temporarily, here are three memory improvement tips which targets on your memory retention for all situations.

Doing Exercise

Doing exercise supports the blood travel to all parts of the body which in turns offers oxygen to our body parts and muscles in order to stay fit.

Your brain needs oxygen to stay fit and keep it optimum performance. Doing exercise will make you decrease weight and feel more active throughout the day.

When you are active and your brain is one the ball, the memory retention betters dramatically. Your capability to remember fresh things to recall knowledge when required can be done effortlessly.

Getting Sufficient Sleep

You need to get your seven and eight hours sleep. Many of you will laugh at the advice and will argue that everyone’s different. You may think that you have been sleeping six hours for as long as you can remember. You just sleep in on weekends. I will change your mind.

When you sleep, you are putting your mind at rest. You have been using your mind all day and it wants some rest at night.

When you have sufficient sleep, your brain is much more alert. It brain cells are fit and will store detail and process detail much more perfectly.

When you have sample sleep, you feel energetic and can focus on remembering facts much more simply.

If we are stressed, our concentration level drops. Our capability to recall detail also drops. It is much difficult to remember when we are tried. Drivers cause mishaps when they sleep at the wheel. It is because the brain is trying to rest and cannot keep up its focus on the road situations.

Practice Concentration

Playing chess will support to better your memory retention. When you play chess, you are focusing on the game at hand. You are thinking of few moves ahead and trying to think of different strategies to win the game.

The more you focus and think, the more your brain is working out. It is best exercise for the brain.