Meditation is the oxygen for MIND

Memory and meditation are very much inter-related. Meditation is nothing but awareness.  In the ancient times, people used to meditate and that is one of the reasons that they had amazing memories. If we talk about mental health, they were the healthiest. It helps in changing the physical structure of the brain in positive ways which anyways improves attention power and memory, of course.

Our human brain’s largest part is cerebrum or cortex which is majorly responsible for functions such as thought and action which gets thicken if we meditate on a regular basis. As per the studies, meditation increases the size of blood vessels and the blood flow in the region which eventually increases cortex. It sharpens our focus and improves our memory to a great extent. It also controls our emotions too. It is also termed as Mind Strength Training. As one day, we all have to grow old and the process of ageing is not much liked by everyone. Meditation actually helps in slowing this process. With age, tools which collect memory are what we lose. Meditation helps gathering and harnessing the power of the subconscious mind.

Meditation is the secret to boosting concentration power. There is no such technique of doing meditation. You don’t need youtube or Google to help with it. It just happens. Never concentrate while doing it. Meditation is nothing but de-concentration. It happens when we sit silent for some time. It is a meet between our mind and soul. It makes a wandering mind into a wondering mind. It is more of not thinking about anything and that is where our mind comes to peace and enjoys most. That is when the exercising of brain happens.

The true state of mediation is when we become thoughtlessly aware. The ingredients require for meditation is just a stable posture and close eyes. Discipline is must. When we meditate regularly, everything seems fresh. There is layer of excitement that remains within us throughout the day. The term lethargic nowhere exists which is the most beneficial aspect. All day, some different freshness is lying inside which eventually makes you optimistic day by day. You start liking everything and the hatred reduces. This is the point where you memory will be flourished and will amaze you as now you remember each and every bit of everything which will make you even happier.

Meditation is a phase where we allow our mind to rest rather than trying to suppress the thoughts that are dancing over our head. It is also related to taking care our breathing techniques. This is for sure, a key to happy life. Slowly, you’ll be able to figure out breathing patterns which makes the body to oxygenize the brain properly which improves blood circulation and results in super amazing memory. It is a passage through which we can throw out all our stress and anxiety. So, start meditation and remember each bit of your friends to tease them in the old age!