Let’s know something about BRAIN DIET

All the parents in this world take best care of their children diet. There are specific vegetables and fruits whose intake will surely make your brain the healthiest. Take a look-

  1. Green Leafy vegetables –Green vegetables contains Iron with which our memory increases and also contains various neurotransmitters. Antioxidants help in keeping diseases away.
  2. Purple Fruits - All the fruits having purple/black color like Black grapes contain antioxidant vitamin which do not let the brain cells to damage.
  3. Dry fruits- All the dry fruits contain vitamin E which keeps our brain healthy. So every children should take sufficient amount of dry fruits containing vitamin E
  4. Pomegranate- One big glass juice of pomegranate has antioxidants which keeps all the radicals away from brain.
  5. Strawberry – Strawberry and blueberry has the qualities of keeping our brain stress free as it has oxidentative properties.
  6. Soya – Soya chunks are the most beneficial vegetable. It has all the proteins required for brain and body.

Diet that are killing your intelligence and you need to know now. Have a look-

1. Sugary Products

Sugar and sugary products are bad not only for your waistline, but for your brain function as well. Long-term consumption of sugar can create a wealth of neurological problems, and it can also interfere with your memory. On the other hand, sugar can also interfere with your ability to learn, this is why it is recommended to avoid pre-baked goods, sugar, corn syrup and products that are high in fructose.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol is known to harm your liver in the long run, and it also causes what is known as “brain fog”. Like the name suggests, the term of brain fog refers to a feeling of mental confusion, it acts like a cloud that impacts your ability to think clearly, as well as your memory. Have you ever noticed that you cannot remember common item names, or you cannot recall certain events or you are not sure whether they were dreams or they actually happened? This might be influenced by the high alcohol intake which impacts the balance of the brain. Fortunately, these symptoms are reversible provided that you stop consuming alcohol, or you limit your intake to one or two drinks per week

3. Junk Food

A recent study that was performed at the University of Montreal has revealed that junk food can change the chemicals in the brains, thus leading to symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Besides, foods that are high in fat can also trigger some symptoms that are similar to the signs of withdrawal when you stop consuming them. These foods affect the production of dopamine, an important chemical that promotes happiness and an overall feeling of well-being. Moreover, dopamine also supports the cognitive function, the learning capacity, alertness, motivation and memory. This is why it is important to avoid all foods that contain excessive fat.

So, people take care of all these things and have a safe and healthy life.