Jog Your Memory

Exercising is the best way to keep body and mind both in balance. It not only keeps us healthy but takes best care of our brain too. Exercise actually increases your heart rate which is why blood flows to our brain which eventually keeps our memory sharp.

Exercise can be done in any form. Be it running, jogging, cycling, swimming, brisk walk, zumba, make sure you do the same for minimum of 30 minutes. This helps enlarge our memory center of the brain termed as hippocampus. The building of brain depends on various factors. The normal physical activities which require hand –eye coordination or maybe complex motor skills are particularly beneficial for the development of our brain.

Rebooting our brain from time to time is very important. Mind exercise can also help in increasing your memory power. Remember the Sudoku present in the left corner of the newspaper? Yes, that Sudoku and crosswords can be a great contribution in terms of great memory. Challenge your brain and solve 2 crosswords a day and then see your jump!

When we do think out of the box and do the thing out of the ordinary, our brain at first resists but the moment we push our brain, it takes it to the next level and results in effectual brain memory.  People who are cognitively active have better memory as they age, it's very true. So quiz yourself, flex your brain and improve your memory power. Let the brain stretch at its best and excel in every field!

Severe stress and depression always results in memory loss which we should always avoid. Staying happy, exercising and memory increment are all inter linked. The best remedy is to laugh till your stomach hurts. Make stress your enemy and love the beautiful life you have.

Exercise more and feel the difference. Physical activities have always been on top and are accountable for a sharp mind.A very effective mental exercise is whenever you go to bed; always try to remember each and every thing you did in the day. When we visualize each and every task, including minute details, mind grows faster and faster.

Sometimes, we drain our mental energy by thinking about the things we can’t control. The more we think about negative problems that we can’t solve, the less energy will be leftover for creative endeavors. Whenever we sit and worry about the weather forecast - is it really helpful? The answer is no! If a major storm is heading your way, worrying about it won’t prevent it. But we can always choose to prepare for it. One should only focus on what is within your control. We should always practice expanding our mental energy wisely and one day it will become your habit.