Illusions Related To Memory Loss

Why do you often forget? How can you overcome that?

Memory loss is not due to the age or a gender factor. It’s due to the interference. What if I tell you that in a month from now you will be able to memorize a pack of cards by just looking at it ones and you will be able to do that under five minutes. A little bit of training is needed.

When a person is exposed to interference, their ability to recall information, even over very short periods of time, declines significantly. Lack of sleep is the most common cause. Too little restful sleep lead to mood changes and anxiety which in turn can contribute to memory impairment. Many drugs can affect memory, tranquilizers, anti-depressants, blood pressure drugs and anti-allergic drugs. Low functioning thyroid can also affect the memory. Drinking too much alcohol interfere with the short term memory. Stress and anxiety can lead to memory impairment. Both can interfere with attention and block the formation of new memory or retrieval of old memories. Forgetfulness can be a sign of depression or a consequence of it. If you are a vegetarian, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause memory impairment.

So what can you do to prevent memory loss?

Try to limit interference. You can’t always shut off the world but you can learn how to focus your attention on the task at hand. Mentally release what you’re doing and hold it in mind until you’re finished with the task.

Brains have plasticity means the ability to get better at something when challenged. Test your memory so that it continues to get better. Next time go to the shop and don’t make a list and see how many items you can remember. Keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check. Exercise regularly. Challenge your brain. Don’t smoke. Give yourself a break. Eat lots of fish as it is high in omega 3 fatty acids. Studies have shown that by just eating one serving fish in a week protects from memory loss. Either you can take omega 3 fatty acids in a pill form.

Berries of any kind are very beneficial to memory loss as they contain isoflavones that protect ones against the brain degeneration. It has been stated that by eating just a cup of amount of blue berries a day increases the memory. Green leafy vegetables contains a lot of folic acid that protects the brain neurons more efficiently and the people who consume them routinely, have a sharp memory. Also by having two cups of the coffee a day increases the areas of the memory.