I don’t remember when we met last – MIND

Though my smartphone can remind me to call Remit when I left my office but I can’t remember who Remit is – said Remit. Such type of situations occurs when we are not taking care of our brain.

There are times like if we are meeting for the second time, I’ll say- hey man! It’s not because I’m an ultra-casual kind of guy but it’s just that I have forgotten your name. Such situations are undoubtedly awkward. To deal with such problems , you will have to learn How to increase your memory power. Befor we give you some memory improvement tips , let us look at some scientific facts. We have a part called continuous partial attention (CPA). This term was first coined in the late 1990’s and this describes how we started to deal with increasing influx of never-ending information. Now when 1990 was past and it’s been more than 20 years and the things are changed completely. Our CPA is overdrive as internet has become everywhere internet and our cell phones are now smartphones with more notifications than ever. Our brain can’t keep up with all the stimulation, so it begins to push things we should remember. Very few and not much time consuming memory improvement tips that will teach you how to increase memory power below-

  1. Meditate – Meditate only for few minutes. Take 20, 15 or may be just 5 minutes and it will make the difference. What matters here is take some brief time to let go of the noise and focus on your inner self. Take a deep breath and let it out. Relax all your muscles. Start with the forehead and relax step by step and one by one. Our mind constantly chatters and we need to be strict now!. Believe me it is a very effective memory improvement tips.
  2. Frame and Focus – The biggest reason people forget things is that they don’t pay attention. This 21st century is making so hard for all of us to concentrate on one thing. Focus is a small reminder to pay attention and mini meditations can certainly help you to be in a state of mind to focus. After focusing, frame it around something meaningful. When something is meaningful, it is memorable!
  3. Visualization – Start visualizing things. When we visualize, it gets embedded in our mind and lasts for a much longer time. There is an activity too- visualize and then try to remember what you saw. Your brain has to give an answer and that is where you will succeed.
  4. Prospective Review time: Remembering the names of the people is not the only problem we have. Major issue with people is what we call as prospective memory. It is nothing but the ability to recall that you need to do something in future. Leaving house for office and forgetting the important file is an example.

Keep involve in such activities and you will be the master of your own soul. On day, you will be going to office with your file and your car keys and your medicines.