How student can improve memory?

Students always seek for something which can improve their memory. Many of the students think that it is something static which is not true. Students can improve their memory easily as they improve their other skills like improving their formal language. It is improved by few simple exercises and practices.

Basically memory falls into two following kinds.

  1. Short-term memory: brain uses short-term memory to store a small piece of information. For example, to remember the name of any person whom you are meeting first time. A study has explored that the space for short term memory is about seven pieces of information after that you lost or you forget the information.
  2. Long-term memory: this kind of memory is used by the brain when you do not need to remember the information this instant. When students study for the exams so at that time long term memory works in the brain. Long term memory keep the information about moments of the life. Some other information of this category is stored in long term memory.

So how students can improve memory? They have to focus on what they are doing and the information they are looking to decrypt more strongly in the brain. Given tips are helpful for the students to improve the memory:

Focus on information: many of the students perform multi-tasking that causes the failure of memory to remember the information. Pay attention to one task so you will improve memory. When you perform multi-tasking your brain do not get complete time to encode the information in the memory so in this case brain encodes some parts of information and other parts of information are skipped by the brain.

Smell, touch, taste, hear and see it. Memory becomes much stronger when more senses are involved to encode the memory. That is why the smell of cookies which are cooked at home by mom can be recalled as fresh as she is cooking just now.

Rehearse it. Memorizing the information by repeating it over and over helps many of the students to make the memory strong. Rehearse the information creates long term memory.

As students get older their memory gets worse. But by practicing the above tips students can improve their memory and can keep their memory strong at any age.



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