How Does Smoking Affect Your Brain Memory?

Smoking cigarettes damages each and every part of the human body, beginning from the brain to the toe and this is a researched reality.

Since a nicotine molecule is designed similar to a neurotransmitter, it gets lodged onto the brain activates and receptors areas of the brain involved in producing feelings of reward and pleasure. This is how the addiction begins.

With time the brain develops a struggle for the nicotine levels by decreasing the number of receptors. So the smoker thinks the need to up his quota of cigarettes to feel the same stage of pleasure. People who begin out initially with two cigarettes a day end up with a pack a day within a year’s time due to this addictive pattern lead by nicotine.

What can Smoking do to your brain?

Here are a few big effects that smoking has on your brain:

Smoking decreases your IQ

Several experts have been conducted using a sample space of teenagers and adults, to determine that smoking cigarettes does decrease the IQ level on an individual. If you are a smoker, you would have understand that your capacity to job with analytical issues after smoking. This decrease in mental capacity is attributed to the decreased oxygen supply to the brain and increased attendance of carbon mono-oxide in the hemoglobin.

Smoking induces deficiency of concentration-

The decreased oxygen supply to the brain also causes fatigue to creep in. it is a general myth to the trust that smoking improves your capability to focus- the reality is quite the opposite. A smoker is bound to feel fidgety and restless due to low or impure oxygenated blood passing via the brain.

Cigarettes decrease your sex drive

It has been verified that smoker have a lower sex drive than general men. One factor of course is the fatigue that sets into the body due to nervous stimulation lead by nicotine, the 2nd factor is that brain part liable for sexual stimulation have lower receptors. The brain mechanically decreases its general feel good receptors to protect against excess of nicotine in the blood stream.

Chronic smoking can raise your chances of a brain stroke

The attendance of nicotine in the blood produces it thicker. Additional, the plague deposits on the arteries raise because of excessive smoking. This causes the arteries to decrease their elasticity. The brain depends upon the arteries linking to the heart for its supply of oxygenated blood. When these arteries decrease their elasticity or get blocked due to excess plague deposit, it results in a brain stroke.