High blood pressure and brain health are linked

We already discuss in our recent article Blood Group Linked to Memory Loss But now A recent study proof our recent study that High blood pressure influences brain diseases especially in middle age. It is associated with an increased risk of cognitive impairment later in life.

The disease affects 30 to 40 million people worldwide. It is expected that by 2050, as the population ages and the absence of treatment, this number will triple. "People with high blood pressure have a higher risk of dementia," - said Dr. Costantino Ladekola, professor of neurology at the Medical College Weil Cornell in New York City.

Controlling high blood pressure can reduce the chances of developing dementia, but the scientific evidence that there is. Previous experiments conducted on small groups of people have shown that controlling hypertension is associated with improved cognitive function. According Ladekoly, high blood pressure, the greater of all evil for the brain. Firstly it damages the blood vessels in the brain leads to arteriosclerosis and arteries. Second, it affects the brain's ability to control blood flow.

As reported by the medical staff of the American Heart Association, high pressure carries the risk zone all those who in the future may be subject to dementia.

To confirm his conjecture, researchers examined a large amount of statistical data collected among the elderly US population. In 80% of them are diagnosed problems with blood vessels of the brain or Alzheimer's disease.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have identified. The disease has been brought into the body with human growth hormone. Thus, the investigation established that a medical procedure can be a source of infection of the deadly disease, which until then was considered non-contagious.

By its conclusion, scientists have come, after reviewing studies dedicated causes of cognitive impairment in the elderly.