Growing Old and Memory Loss

Many people ask like how to better my memory? People who grow old almost forever expect that they will lose their memory as well. Though there are many individuals who are exactly suffering from memory problem especially when they are older, others may still do something in order to stop this from happening to them as well. Anyway, they need to understand the causes of this issue so that they may have the motivation to keep their brains active until they reach the age where most persons lose their memory.

Over the years, people grow plaques on their arterial walls especially for those who do not check the type of food that they eat. This situation narrows down the passage of blood that is required by the various parts of the body particularly the brain and the heart. When there is no perfect supply of nutrients and oxygen that that is carried through the blood going to the brain, it will not function perfectly. It is then vital that the blood is capable to circulate perfectly all throughout the body up to the brain. People may be capable to stop the accumulation of plaques on their arteries through the type of food that they eat and through the physical works that they do.

Other causes of the issue with memory include problems caused by free radicals in the body. They brain cells may also be affected by the free radicals so it is vital that people eat foods that are rich in antioxidants to save their memory functions. Those who lack vitamins and minerals especially the B Vitamins may also suffer from bad memory. They may also include a variety of vegetables, fruits, and other types of food that contain B12, B6, and folate as well. Aside from eating nutritious foods, there are still things that people can perform in order to keep their brain working at its best.

Mental exercises and regular physical exercises will also advantage not only the body the brain as well. People who can maintain perfect health situation will also be capable to preserve their memory works too. It is important to keep the body systems working perfectly as this will support the brain to do its job well too. People have to get enough rest and enough sleep regularly so that their brains and bodies have the energy and strength to function as it should.