Garlic is able to kill cancer cells in the brain

Everybody knows what a wonderful remedy is garlic. It helps to say all diseases. However, when we say all is meant influenza and possibly infected by worms, and other parasites. But it's not as scary as a brain cancer.

In May 2015 a group of Japanese scientists have made a real discovery. She spent a number of studies on laboratory mice who suffered from cancer of the brain. In its course, scientists have tried to understand how garlic affects the well-being of patients with mice.

For a whole year they fed mice sick food, which included a garlic. As a result, experts have been amazed at the result - the majority of cells that struck metastases, simply disappeared, and the rodents themselves have become more active and obviously feel better.

Leaders of the experiment made some conclusions, one of which is very strange. They believe that it is desirable to use the garlic through fifteen minutes after cleaning - so they become more useful. A main cause of death was metastasis that garlic has special substances that cause sick cells "eat yourself." That is, there is the actual deactivation of cancer cells in the brain.

Apparently, the frequent mention of garlic in various literature as a panacea for all diseases - not just a fairy tale, but a real truth. Scientists around the world often say that the human body is not a product more powerful than garlic. So, the people who sit on the life of the Mediterranean diet (ie, often eat garlic) have a very good health and live a long time.