Five innocent dishes that poison your brain

American scientists have once again reminded of the connection of the diet of man with his intellectual abilities. However, recent research calls on the termination of the regime not only recognized the harmful foods and beverages, but also those of the danger that some do not even think.

Nervous shock and mental disorders provoke not only alcohol, but also cereals with gluten in its composition, it achieved a surplus of excessive use of instant cereals such as rye, wheat and barley.

Advertised products with natural sugar substitutes, may and tightens figure but is also an agent provocateur of cancer cells in the human brain, this may cause artificial sweeteners saccharin and contained in chewing gum, yogurt and carbonated beverages.

Dangerous for the cognitive functions of the brain and dopamine is produced because of deception taste buds originating from,this excessive use of instant soups, ready meals dilution spices and use bouillon cubes with a high content of sodium glutamate or concentrated salts, which are at risk of disease earn Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and nervous system disorders.

Consumption of refined sugar suppresses the activity of a neurotrophic factor in the human body, responsible for all kinds of memory. Excessive consumption may impair digestion and immune system, and if the individual has a chronic disease of the intestinal system and thus favors this kind of sugar, it has a high risk of manifestations of depression and even schizophrenia. Dr. Lardy, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Kansas (USA), recommends that its clients suffering from depression, to refrain from refined sugar sweeten food, and those who are excluded from your diet this component, reported a significant improvement in mood and memory.

Water with a high content of fluorine incredibly dangerous not only for enamel and dental health, but also to the brain, according to researchers from the association Fluoride Action Network, engaged in the study of the negative impact of fluoride on the human body. Over the last year they spent 34 scientific experiments on this topic and found that people who drink this water, unconsciously reduce their level of IQ, suffer from memory problems and changes in neuro behavioral function.

People should think about their health and believe that in many respects depends on its strength in detail and seemingly insignificant moments, not only costly intervention of doctors.To Pravda.Ru wrote that scientists from the University of Rochester (NY, USA) summarized the results of a four-year scientific experiment, which showed that stimulate memory and mental abilities in the elderly is not a special diet or drugs, and creative hobby , needlework, crafts drawing, as well as communication with the society and love of music, theater and cinema.