Depression Destroys your memory – Psychologists

The results of studies conducted by psychologists at the University of Texas at Dallas, suggests that depression and constant negative background significantly impaired memory and destroy the thinking process as a whole.

The researchers selected 75 undergraduate students. Of these, 30 had various depressive reaction and individual symptoms of depression. In 45 others, the control group, symptoms of mood disorders were found.Depressive subjects were divided into two further subgroups. First we asked to learn a few sequences of numbers and then play them back over time.

The second was given the same task, but after the experimenters have provoked them to depressive thoughts, reading texts that contain a variety of negative information, for example, "the unemployment rate among graduates of bachelors increased, most can not be after graduation to repay the loan fees. Similar tasks were given, and the control group.

It was found that study participants with depressive reactions, memorable sequence of numbers after hearing negative thought provoking texts, 31 percent worse reproduced stored information than healthy subjects in the same experimental conditions. Moreover, a similar difference was observed in the second subgroup of depressed subjects - those who remembered reading of numbers to provoking text.

According to psychologists, a key role in the development of depressive reactions have incentives from the environment, but their influence they can have only predisposed to this type of response people.

Also, scientists have proved that the lengthy and intrusive negative thoughts (eg, "Life - ashes," "There's nothing I can", "all the terrible") have a destructive effect on the process of remembering. Specialists is attributed to the fact that the amount of working memory in humans is limited and in the case of constant negative thoughts from the brain are simply not enough resources to other tasks.