Creativity can increase your grades!

Ever thought that your creativity can increase your grades by simply increasing your memory? Yes, this is true and can actually work. When we are creative with thought or may be drawings or any similar kind of things, it is seen that our memory becomes sharpen. The same can be tested if we get our MRI done.

This is an interesting fact and as per studies 75% of humans have a good memory because they are creative in themselves. When we are given a task related to creativity, the way we think makes our cortex thicker and in result the memory increases. Art therapy is interesting and is practiced in various countries. In some areas of the word, art therapy is one of the major subjects in the school to make sure that every child has at least the ability of creating some creative things. In this way, their cognitive performance is measured.

Creativity stimulates not only adults but children both mentally and emotionally and has various social benefits. If you notice, children having Alzheimer’s disease are given different drawing and topics to keep them involved. The process of combining more primitive pieces of information to create something more meaningful is a crucial aspect both of learning and of consciousness and is one of the defining features of human experience. Also, children of age 8-10 are advised to be enrolled in co-curricular activities in school an d sometimes drawing classes too. This is to make sure that they exercise their brain. The more they exercise the more power they get. The rate of increase of memory is directly proportional to how creative you are.

Being creative not only makes us happier but healthier too. Happy mind always grow and therefore increases concentration. A study also shows that geometric designs are very much interconnected to our memory. The more we are involved in geometric designs, the more we can concentrate. Also, a little alcohol lets us think more broadly, finding connections between unrelated ideas. Whenever we paint, we put pressure on ourselves to produce something outstanding can actually make it harder to create anything at all. Try your best and see what happens!

The subconscious mind accepts the thoughts that you often repeat. When we accept them, it changes our mindset accordingly, as well as your habits and actions.

We are nothing but an indivisible part of the great Universal Power which means that your thoughts can come true. Obviously, not all your thoughts come true. But those which are focused well defined and often repeated. Focused thought is soaked with emotional and is very much related to our memory.

Our brain keeps those things in mind which we do from the bottom of our heart. The things we love doing always remains in our memory and always remain in our mind.