Coconut Cures Memory Loss

Those days have gone when coconut had been used as a hair oil or the cooking oil. Advanced studies have shown that the coconut is used to improve memory.

It is quite normal to forget things but not ordinary forgetting things after a short period. This would eventually lead you to have Alzheimer disease. But do not panic. Coconut is here for you.


Coconut could be used as an extra virgin oil and could be used in any way for example adding two to three spoons of it on coffee or a tea. Have at least three to four teaspoons of it a day. Slowly and gradually you would see its drastic outcome.


In 1960s, Dr George Cahill discovered that in our body, coconut is stored in the liver and is converted to ketone bodies there which when get released into the blood stream, crosses the blood brain barrier and is stored into the brain as a fuel.

A Study

A study was held in 2004, which was also published in the journal _neurobiology of aging” that the coconut oil improved the cognitive of the brain. They took 20 subjects and fed coconut or placebos on different days. Alzheimer’s disease patients responded positively to it and scored a rating for cognitive function of brain. And all of them demonstrated better paragraph recall shortly after taking each dose of coconut oil.

Dr Mary Newport, a pediatrician in Florida, used a coconut to treat her husband, harry who was a patient of Alzheimer’s disease. She claimed that the usage of coconut had a remarkable effect on her husband. He started to stay happier after the cure of the depression by it. And on MRI report it was revealed that his brain had stopped shrinking.

It is not only me who is talking about it. It had been researched on by scientists and touted by many health professionals like Dr Bruce Fife and Dr Russell Blaylock.