A chemical found in chocolate may get better your brain functions, according to a little fresh study released today by Columbia University doctors.

Their research was mainly funded by Candy-maker Mars, Inc, and additionally helped by grants from the James S. McDonnell Foundation and National institute of Health.

In the study, the experts looked at 37 participants age 50 to 70. They gave half of them regularly supplements having nine hundred milligrams of coca flavanol, a chemical used in many kinds of chocolate.

The subjects then linked in complex jobs designed to stimulate a part of the brain attached with memory that often decreases as we age- the dentate gyrus- the experts measures the time it took participants to done certain jobs while watching the subject brain work using a specialized MR machine, according to the study.

The experts found that those in the top-flavanol group had get better reaction times and blood flow to this part of the brain. The advancements they saw in the brain work were so pronounced that they concluded top-flavanol supplementation was alike to adding back 3 decades of life.

Study head Dr. Scott Small, Alzheimer Disease Research Center director at Columbia University, said he was shocked by the outcomes, particularly when it came to the strength and specificity effect on the brain –he said also, since his primary objective was just to verify that this area of the brain was the real source of memory decrease.

The outcomes appear in the October release of Nature Neuroscience.

Some professionals not involved with the study said the findings help the idea that decline of the brain with age is preventable.

Dr, Richar Issacson, Alzheimer Prevention Clinic Director at New York, said he trusts the outcomes of the study offer definitive proof that cocoa flavanols are a secure and important approach when addressing brain fitness. He added that he believes flavanols should even be considered a fresh option for the possible cure and prevention of memory loss.



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