Chemotherapy destroys the brain(Scientists)

The most common method of combating cancer- chemotherapy negatively affects the brain of the patient. This statement was made ​​by the staff of the University of British Columbia (Canada).

Scientists from the University in Canada found out what effect the chemotherapy on the brain cured of cancer patients. Treatment way adversely affects the immune system leads to the fact that human health becomes weak. It turned out that people who have undergone chemotherapy, with great difficulty, solve problems, their brain loses the ability of concentration.

After long observations of Canadian experts have concluded that the use of this technique adversely affects the human brain. Scientists now say with confidence that chemotherapy leads to frustration and loss of mental ability to concentrate. To arrive at similar results, the researchers talked with patients who have recovered from breast cancer. And while volunteers perform a number of tasks, the researchers measured their brain activity using a special instrument.

As a result, scientists have noticed that all the women were spending a few minutes to focus on the task at hand, and a large part of their brain was turned off. At the same time, scientists have found that when all the participants were in a state of peace and rest, the functioning of the brain they do not differ from those who have not received chemotherapy. Such studies can now be forced to reconsider the appointment of doctors, but 100% effective cure for cancer is not found, which means that without chemotherapy is not enough.

Currently, chemotherapy is often the only means of dealing with cancer. Experts hope that the experiment has proven the fact that chemotherapy destroys the brain, helps oncologists increasingly develop techniques to optimize the impact of chemotherapy on the brain of the patient. The researchers also advised cancer patients, chemotherapy past pay special attention to a special set of exercises, restores brain dementia.