What is Intelligence, and What Makes Someone Intelligent?

Before we continue, it is important you can distinguish between the two different types of intelligence. Crystallized Intelligence Fluid Intelligence Crystallized Intelligence refers to the knowledge and skill one accumulates over their lifetime. For example, being able to point out … Read More

The Three Drivers of Intelligence

In A Memory Made, we share countless methods for improving your intellect and cognitive performance; these range from adopting a brain-healthy diet, mental exercise, how to best use smart drugs, lifestyle changes, and much more. You may be wondering exactly … Read More

High blood pressure and brain health are linked

High blood pressure and brain health are linked

We already discuss in our recent article Blood Group Linked to Memory Loss But now A recent study proof our recent study that High blood pressure influences brain diseases especially in middle age. It is associated with an increased risk of cognitive impairment … Read More

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The insights of the brain

Our brains are powerful organic machines. They control all thought, movement and sensation while calculating and reacting with speed. Our brain stores an immense amount of data as images, text and lots of concepts. Our brains also regulate thousands of … Read More

Coconut Cures Memory Loss

Coconut Cures Memory Loss

Those days have gone when coconut had been used as a hair oil or the cooking oil. Advanced studies have shown that the coconut is used to improve memory. It is quite normal to forget things but not ordinary forgetting … Read More