Carbonated Beverages Can Cause of Cancer and Memory Loss

Scientists have shown that if you consume this drink in large doses, possibly a sharp deterioration in memory. American. scientists conducted a study and found out what is fraught for lovers of sweet carbonated beverages their excessive consumption. It was found that the soda can cause memory loss and propagation of cancer cells.

More recently, scientists have proven negative effects of soda on human brain activity. If you abuse this product worsens cognitive brain activity, sharply reduced human memory....

A year has Passed and Researchers at New York University conducted a series of tests and track the processes that occur in the body of soda lovers. It turned out that excessive consumption of these drinks cause irreversible consequences. And they originate in different parts of the central nervous system department.

The reason for the development of diseases are dyes, not carbon dioxide, sweeteners or sweeteners. In this regard, scientists have made ​​a number of conclusions. They noted the need to limit the consumption of sweet drinks, as well as carrying out timely diagnosis. Last, experts say, will identify at an early stage oncology.

The researchers note that excessive consumption of carbonated drinks may be the primary cause of Alzheimer's disease, an incurable, partial loss of memory and trigger brain cancer.

Scientists recommend not to use soda with cancer in all its forms - carbon dioxide contributes to the rapid spread of cancer cells throughout the body, which consequently lead to the rapid progression of the disease.

Scientific staff hope that their new discovery about what carbonated drinks can cause brain cancer, will be very important in pharmacology and medicine. They believe that with the experimental data, doctors will be able to create more effective medicines and methods of treatment of brain cancer.