Blood group link to memory loss

A Brief Introduction:

According to the research and new studies, blood group is linked to the memory loss. Reports revealed that people having rare blood type tend to have more memory loss problems. In this piece of content we will tell you about how blood group is linked to the memory loss issues. This research is based upon the study of memory loss and blood group published in American Academy of Neurology.

Blood Group Can Affect Memory And Lead To memory Loss Issues:

Research was carried out on the blood type namely AB blood group. This type of blood is found very rarely among the people. It is the least common type of blood. Through research we got to know that people having AB blood group are 82 percent more prone to the memory issues and brain diseases such as dementia i.e. a brain disease which leads to the long term loss of the ability to think. People with Ab blood group are at a higher risk of memory loss issues than the people with other blood groups.

Research also found out that some health issues including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes also lead to the higher risk of brain issues and dementia. This research was carried out on 30,000 people for about a long term period of 3.4 years. A US team Dr Mary Cushman, of the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington carried out this research. 495 participants were found to have memory loss issues and these people were compared to 587 people having no cognitive issues. People with blood group AB lead to issues like heart attacks or stroke.

Moreover, the study also suggested that people with O blood group are likely to the lower risk for cardiovascular disease. This helps to protect your brain and saves you from memory loss related issues. Moreover O blood group has got a lower risk of heart diseases and stroke which are responsible for increasing the risk of memory loss issues and dementia.

Blood type is also linked to the vascular conditions. However research is being done on this issue as well which is the connection between blood group type and vascular issues plus brain health. The research concluded that one should have balanced diet, regular exercise and proper sleep in order to keep your brain healthy and prevent memory loss issues.



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