Activities that can make you genius

Healthy diet and regular exercise no doubt increases your memory. But there are certain activities also, with which one can increase the concentration power and memory too. There are ways to give your brain its own workout plan and routine without spending a single penny.

Now a day everywhere there is brain training software. However, no significant neurological benefits are seen in adults. As per experts and studies, real world activities are suggested to improvise the functioning of brain. It has been noticed that our brain works usually through associations. Newspapers are no doubt a treasure, Sudoku and word games are beneficial. Comic strips are interesting and very much happening, where we find the things which are different from on picture to another. The following activities can indeed sharpen your mental skills-

  1. Test your recall memory: In this, you only need to make a to-do list that can include list of grocery or may be what to make for the next week. Write challenging things so that your brain can have a tough deal.
  2. Cooking Class: Start surfing and make habit of learning a new cuisine every day. When you will start learning new cuisine, a number of senses will be used such as smell, touch, sight, taste, which will eventually involve all parts of the brain.
  3. Create word pictures: This activity not only increases your memory but your vocabulary too. All you need to do is, visualize the spelling of word and then try to re-write after couple of minutes. Test how much your brain remembers and also try to think of any other words that begin (or end) with the same two letters.
  4. Drawing: This time we are not talking about drawing and painting stuff. But, we are drawing a map. Whenever you return home from anywhere, try to retrace the path and the nearby areas or the shops in your head. Repeat this activity daily and you will surely see a commendable change in your memory.
  5. Master ChefChallenge: Who doesn’t love food? So, next time you are having something try to recognize each and every ingredient present in the dish. This is how you will master with spices and stuff and will end up increasing your memory.
  6. Foreign language top flaunt: When we listens and hear something, our brain is paying all the attention. This also involves stimulation of the brain. Learn a new foreign language all by yourself. Start by learning the basics and then jump to sentences. Who doesn’t love to increase the vocabulary or I should say the Richie rich Vocabulary.Also, a rich vocabulary has been linked to a reduced risk for cognitive details.

So that’s how we can take care of our brain and can keep it healthy and rust free. These activities are really helpful and the results will be more awesome.