A Simple Method to Determine The Health Of The Brain

Japanese researchers from Kyoto University discovered a very simple but effective way to learn about the health of his own brain. To set the performance level of the brain, as well as to find out the risk of possible stroke enough to stand for 20 seconds on one leg.

According to the research, as far as the brain is healthy, it is possible to identify possible human to stand on one foot for 20 seconds or more. If this do not succeed, you should see a specialist.The study involved 1,300 people of both sexes. The average age was 67 years. They were asked to stand on one leg with eyes open for 20 seconds. Then, the test results were compared with the results of the study participants state of the brain.

As it turned out, more than 30% of participants in the experiment, who could not stand for more than 20 seconds, suffer from thickening of the walls of blood vessels in the brain (which interferes with the normal blood supply to the brain),) or minor bleeding in the brain, and in some cases - for both diseases at once. At the same time the scientists took into account factors such as hereditary predisposition to such diseases in the determination of the correlation.

The relationship between the ability to stand on one leg and the risk of stroke can be explained as follows: for the maintenance of equilibrium in this position responds complex system, which includes vision, orientation in space and the vestibular apparatus. Inability to stay on one leg indicates faults in the system, and hence not a very good condition of the brain as a whole. In addition, the sense of balance is often disturbed due to stroke, so the early problems in this area may indicate the possibility of a brain haemorrhage in the future.

Also, Japanese researchers found that gait can be seen on the status of certain parts of the brain responsible for balance. Any violations in walking reveal violations in the brain, scientists believe.