A Simple Memory Exercise for Remembering Lists

If you need to remember lists then the body peg system is another of my memory exercises for you.

You can use this to remember all kinds of lists such as shopping lists, birthdays, names, telephone numbers, mathematical formulas, multiplication tables, recipes, anniversaries, birthdays, languages and much more.

Lets try and remember a list of things we must buy at the shops. For the test write the list on a piece of paper: Flour, steak, mince meat, Spaghetti, rice, milk, crisps, beer, water and salt

Now can you callout the list forwards, backwards and in any random manner; without looking at the list?

Difficult isn’t it? If you can’t, don’t worry most of people who take the test can’t

But there‘s an easy way to do it. Here’s how.

Here’s the list

  1. Toes Flour
  2. Knee Steak
  3. Muscle Mince meat
  4. Rear Spaghetti
  5. Stomach Rice
  6. Shoulder Milk
  7. Collar Crisps
  8. Face Beer
  9. Point Water
  10. Ceiling Salt

Now we can use a simple technique of association by linking the body peg list to our shopping list using our imagination and making it fun

Toes to flour. Imagine you are in the kitchen walking barefoot on a bag of spilled flour! It feels horrible!

Knee to Steak Imagine you have fallen and scraped your head and someone is using steak to wipe away the blood. It hurts!

Muscle (thigh) to Ham. Imagine wiping your thigh with mince meat while a dogs is licking your thigh at the same time. It’s tickles!

Rear to spaghetti. Imagine sitting on a pile of cooked spaghetti spilled on a chair. Feel the squelchy soggy lump as you sit down!

Stomach to rice. Imagine someone with gooey rice on their hands smearing it over your stomach. Yuk!

Shoulder to milk. Imagine a you’re carrying two pales of milk on a yoke across you shoulders, you trip, the milk goes everywhere!.

Collar to crisps. Imagine someone pushing crisps down your neck; it scratches!

Face to beer. Imagine a drunk throwing beer into your face. Feel the beer trickle down your shirt and the drunk laughing at you!

Point (top of head) to water.
Imagine a cup of water balanced on your head as you try to walk a straight line with everyone watching; then you trip!.

Ceiling to salt. Imagine you enter a room where salt is falling from the ceiling; it feels spooky.


Now think the picture list through in your head two or three times and it will stick. Now run the list BACKWARDS! What’s on the ceiling? Your stomach is gooey, why? Why is your neck scratched? Its quite easy to remember, right ? Now do the list out of sequence.

Tomorrow morning see if you can still remember the list.

The peg system is easy to master because the mind thinks in pictures.